Christmas Dragons in Dragon City

by admin 3 years ago on Dragon City

Ho ho ho! Christmas is coming and arrives new christmas dragons in Dragon City. They are 7 new dragons for Christmas and winter.

Christmas Dragons in Dragon City

Here we present to you the new Christmas Dragons and Winter Dragons that you can find in dragon city:

Christmas Dragons in Dragon City

  • Scrooge Dragon
  • Clover Dragon
  • Chobby Dragon
  • Cookie Dragon
  • Snow Man Dragon
  • Xmas Elf Dragon
  • Middle Earth Dragon

Scrooge Dragon

Scrooge Dragon might seem a bit cold-hearted at first. And indeed he is. But he is also a financial genius! If he includes you in his will, you’ll never want for gold, gems or tomatoes again

Clover Dragon

Clover Dragon levels

One, two, three, four… five-leaf clover! Assured and confident this dragon never fails. You could say that was born under a lucky star. Other dragons feel luckier when they’re close to Clover Dragon. Will you be luckier when you get him?

Chobby Dragon

Don’t bother telling Chobby Dragon he’s cool. He knows he is! It’s like “The Emperor’s New Clothes” – If you can’t see his coolness, it’s because you’re dumb!

Cookie Dragon

Crunchy and sweet, the Cookie Dragon breeds perfectly with the Milk Dragon. Wait! Does Milk Dragon even exist? Who knows, but what we know for sure is that Santa brings bigger presents to Cookie Dragon Masters!

Snow Man Dragon

Snow Man Dragon levels

Snowmen are one of the loveliest things you’ll see at Christmas. But a Snowman Dragon is simply irresistible. Be careful not to hug him too or he could melt!

Xmas Elf Dragon

Santa’s best employee, this dragon is the manager of all elves. Known for handing out candies to children. Xmas Elf Dragon is the Most Wanted this season. You will find him by the sound of the bell that hangs from its tail.

Middle Earth Dragon

Middle Earth Dragon levels

Small size but bif hearted this little dragon carry the fate of us all. He may seem a traveller but on the way to fulfill his fate he will became a hero! All that is gold does not glitter, don’t judge by appearances because even the smallest dragon can change the course of the future